Your vehicle to victory

Our clients count on our institutional equity sales and trading team for their experience, market insight, dedication and anonymity to minimize market impact while achieving best execution.

By providing innovative and customized solutions, our professionals are here to assist in achieving your goals for large, mid or small cap stocks. Our agency only execution model provides conflict free execution with our only agenda being to provide unencumbered market access and insight. With seamless execution, on high touch to low touch in any asset class, Jitneytrade efficiently and effectively helps our clients achieve their objectives.

Customizable Trading & Solutions

Jitneytrade’s core is our clients. Professional and high frequency traders have been at the heart of Jitneytrade since its establishment. By combining our best technology, trading and operational skills we are able to provide our clients with fast, efficient trading solutions tailored to their needs.

Through years of experience, Jitneytrade cash traders provide the highest quality trade execution by applying market intelligence and our ability to discretely, yet quickly source qualified counter parties, to facilitate block and/or complex trades without impacting the market.

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Jitneytrade takes a coordinated approach to Program trading through the combination of enhanced electronic trading technologies and the experience and insight of trained professionals.  Every trade list is run through a set of innovative pre-trade analytics before trading begins to determine the best strategy.  Our technology can react swiftly to prevailing market conditions and indentifies outliers in a client's portfolio. While trying to eliminate market impact, we give each trade the attention it deserves.  Utilizing state of the art next generation pre, intra, and post trade analytics, Jitneytrade program trading algorithms adjust in real-time to its impact relative to the prevailing market conditions.  Jitneytrade does not stop there; our post-trade tools can profile timing decisions on strategies to indentify slippage patterns while performing an enhanced set of benchmark analytical metrics.

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Jitneytrade transforms smart trading ideas into simple trading solutions.  Our model offers a truly unbiased and independent approach to algorithmic trading. Some of what we offer:

  • Technological Advantage 
  • Multi-Asset Trading
  • Best Execution
  • Access to Liquidity
  • Comprehensive Scope
  • Anti-Gaming

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Jitneytrade offers numerous trading strategies, just to name a few:

  • VWAP
  • TWAP

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Jitneytrade’s foundation was built by traders for traders, where we have taken this basic principal and have applied it to accommodate your specific needs.

Developed to your exact specifications

Your strategies can be designed with fine scale behaviour, while benefitting from a rapid development and integration cycle.

Control and monitor your strategy in real-time

Receive fills (in the currency of your choice), dynamically change the parameters of your custom strategy and receive live status updates.

Complete confidentiality

Your strategies are developed with complete confidentiality and are accessible only by you.

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Driven by client’s best execution parameters, Jitneytrade’s tactical routing solutions preserves order anonymity and mitigate adverse price movement.

Fully customizable

You have complete control of all the orders on the various exchanges, whether to take liquidity when available or remain passive.

Visibility on multiple exchanges simultaneously

Instead of finding one single exchange to send your order, our smart router will split your order and work it on multiple exchanges at the same time. This enhances your opportunities for price improvement and sources of liquidity.

Automatic FX booking

Our technology can automatically book FX for trading strategies involving a foreign exchange. FX can be booked immediately after each fill within the order, thereby eliminating inefficiencies such as slippage due to currency exposure.

Fully compatible with Dark Pools

Dark Pools are treated like any other exchange to increase your chances of sourcing liquidity.

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Jitneytrade employs a systematic approach in the evaluation process your strategy decisions. Through the use of a variety of fundamental, technical, high-frequency and sector-specific signals, our market leading approach adheres to an unrivalled set of decision tools that address today’s challenges.

Pre-trade analytics
Post-trade analytics
Special Situations

With a focus on event driven investment strategies, Jitneytrade is a valuable resource for a multi-strategy hedge fund or fundamental long-short fund manager. Jitneytrade takes an unbiased, independent approach driven by the needs of our clients. Our special situation trading knowledge can facilitate North American mergers, spin-offs, rights offerings, going private, re-caps and stubs, bankruptcies and restructurings strategies implementation.

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Jitneytrade offers a wide variety of commission management programs serving the institutional investment community. We provide our clients with:

Client Commission Arrangements
Third-party research payments
Broker Select
Direct Expense Programs for hedge funds.

These flexible programs are designed to assist our clients in reducing transaction costs and improving investment performance.  Jitneytrade offers competitive rates that distinguish us from our competition.  Our best-in-class client service with one-on-one support allows Jitneytrade to create tailored solutions that truly add alpha to every client’s investment returns.

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Jitneytrade prides itself on its ability to be flexible and recognizes that in today’s world, the choice of technology can be the difference between success and failure. Our customers are some of the most demanding in the market and we are able to respond quickly and reliably to our clients’ needs.

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