Allowing you to be in the driver seat

Employing next generation technologies and methodologies, Jitneytrade prides itself on its ability to be flexible and recognizes that in today’s world, the choice of technology can be the difference between success and failure.

Our front-end neutral trading infrastructure allows you to be in the driver’s seat. We offer a wide range of software solutions to meet your expectations. At Jitneytrade the choice is yours!

Our current platforms include:

For Equities and Options

For Futures

*Platform cancellation fees may apply.

Exchange Connectivity

Having the most efficient and connected infrastructure is the backbone of our industry. At Jitneytrade, we maintain a state of the art network intended to provide you with the speed for which you aim. Our market connectivity consists of:

  • On-site technology support and problem troubleshooting.
  • Failover power generator for continuous and uninterrupted trading
  • High-capacity redundant fiber optic lines
  • Connection to all major Canadian exchanges and ATS’s

Accessible Markets

Equities and Options: all major Canadian and American Exchanges and ATSs.
Futures: Montreal Exchange, all American futures exchanges and all major foreign derivatives' exchanges (Eurex, NYSE Euronext, Liffe).


Jitneytrade optimizes high velocity and algorithmic trading strategies via low-latency access to TMX markets and Canadian ATS’s to help you maximize trading profits and obtain low-latency access to complementary solutions including TMX’s Smart Router and Direct Data feeds.

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