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Added 05-08-2013

Jitneytrade is once again on the cutting edge

Jitneytrade is once again on the cutting edge

Jitneytrade is proud to introduce a new member to their suite of platforms designed to provide traders with the edge they need to stay ahead in the market place. The addition of Realtick Express is part of Jitneytrade’s continuous effort to innovate the investment industry. We are confident that the features offered in our new platform will be exactly what you need to take your trading to the next level.

The RealTick Express: exclusively offered in Canada by Jitneytrade www.realtick.com

Conceived for the active trader looking for a precise platform, the Realtick Express is ideal for those who maintain 75-200 trades per month. Here are just a few of the benefits you can acquire by upgrading to the Realtick Express:

  • Multiple window layout  
  • Charts with technical studies  
  • Charts with drawing & analysis tools  
  • Ticker  
  • News & News alerts 
  • Multiple watchlist (up to 100 symbols)  
  • Level II data
  • Destination preference routing
  • Intraday balance detail (e.g. Margin Excess)
  • Quotes on US/CAD FX Rates
  • Integrated web browser

A value of $200.00 offered at a promotional rate of $100.00 or free with 50 trades a month*

To request a demo, and obtain more information you may contact us at 1-866-608-0099 option #3 or via email at clientservices@jitneytrade.com . We also encourage you to visit our website at www.jitneytrade.com to see what else Jitneytrade has to offer, and hope you enjoy what our new technology can do for you and your trading.

*The free platform is only available for commissions starting at $8.99. Data fees are not included.


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