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New website and social media

Added 11-13-2012

Jitneytrade’s new online presence

Welcome to Jitneytrade's new website!

Your vehicle to victory; Jitneytrade has designed this website to match our cutting edge technology.

Whether you are an Individual or an Institution, you will be able to access all the information you require as well as the services we provide.

Founded by traders, for traders, Jitneytrade offers its clients the ability to transact in the market place through secure, fast and direct access with the support of reliable technological solutions.

Jitneytrade is an agency-based broker dedicated to providing clients with the best possible access to North American exchanges. Our mission is to effectively leverage our expertise and experience to provide progressive trading solutions. Our multifaceted understanding of the exchange industry results in the ability to flexibly apply our knowledge to each client’s specific needs.

Jitneytrade is also on the social media!

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