Partners - eSignal

Partners - eSignal


eSignal is a comprehensive trading software that offers advanced charting tools, technical analysis studies and back testing, streaming quotes from 100s of exchanges and indices worldwide and for all the asset classes – stocks, futures, Forex, options and ETFs. eSignal combines these decision support tools and award-winning data with trading integration that connects users to the best brokers for online trading – all from a single, customizable platform

Top 6 ways eSignal helps you make better trades:

  • Customizable Advanced Charting to create your charts YOUR way
  • Access to lightning-fast, market data from 100s of global indices
  • 100s of customizable technical indicators to improve results
  • Award-winning, reliable, real-time quotes, charts and news
  • Your choice of 50+ brokers to execute trades
  • Trade stocks, options, futures and Forex from one easy-to-use platform

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